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Mallulink Userpolicy
This Policy sets out how the Services may be used and any restrictions on your use of the Services.Many of the guidelines will be obvious, however, we set them out here so that there can be no confusion or doubt over what is or is not acceptable. You should check this User Policy regularly as we may change it to take on board new issues that may arise in connection with your use of the Services or the way we provide the Services. The most up to date version of the User Policy will apply to your use of the Services, even if you have not read the updated version.
1.0 Responsibilities For All Users
1.0.1 Unauthorized Use
Users must not permit or assist any unauthorized person to access our services. Multiple user logons or passwords are in violation of this policy.
1.0.2 Security
Users must not defeat or attempt to defeat any System’s security, for example, by “cracking” or guessing user identifications or passwords, utilize software that will probe a network user system, or a sniffer gathering logon/password data.
1.0.3 Unauthorized Data Access
Users must not access or attempt to access data System they are not authorized to access. User must not make any deliberate, unauthorized changes to data on an System. Users must not intercept or attempt to intercept data communications not intended for that user’s access, for example network sniffing or wiretapping.
1.0.4 Concealed Identity
Users must not conceal their identity when using our Systems. Users must use their specific login ID and password.
1.0.5 Denial of Service
Users must not deny or interfere with or attempt to deny or interfere with service to other users, by means of “resource hogging” deliberate distribution of computer worms or viruses, or modification of any system. Knowing or reckless distribution of unwanted mail or other messages is prohibited.
1.0.6 Copyright  
Users must observe intellectual property rights including, in particular, copyright laws as they apply to software, licensing, and electronic forms of information.
1.0.7 Personal Account Responsibility
Users are responsible for the security of their accounts and passwords. Any user change of passwords must follow published guidelines. Accounts and passwords are assigned to single users and are not to be shared with any other person without authorization by the Systems Administrator. Changing another person’s password is considered a form of harassment and unethical behavior. Users are presumed to be responsible for any activity carried out under their mallulink.com accounts.
1.0.8 Violations
Users must not conceal or help to conceal or “cover up” violations by any party. Users are expected to report any evidence of actual or suspected violation of this policy to the Systems Administrator of the facility most directly involved. In case of doubt, the report should be made to Technical Services.
1.0.9 General Use
As a general principle, you must not use the Services in any way that is unlawful or illegal or in a way that affects the enjoyment of other users of the Services. Nobody may use the Services, either directly or indirectly: (a) to transmit, publish, link to, make available or receive any material which is defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene, indecent, racist, harmful, threatening or menacing; or (b) in a way that will be a breach of any person's rights, including a breach of confidence, copyright, privacy or any other rights.